Sunday, 18 June 2017

Buy My Wardrobe: Kate Spade Alessa Handbag

Anyone who knows me, knows about my love affair with the Kate Spade brand.  The dreamy dresses, cute handbags (I have 4 and counting..) and not to mention the stationery.  So it definitely hasn't been an easy decision to sell my beloved Kate Spade Alessa handbag, however with pregnant lady nesting mode in full effect, a clear-out has been inevitable.

Despite my love for this bag, it has literally not been used more than twice and despite the above picture making the bag look blue, it's actually a gorgeous mint green shade - a feature that literally caught my eye across the Las Vegas store 2 years ago.

So it's with a heavy heart that I look to part ways with this beauty.  Original carrier bag and Kate Spade dust bag included, it's in immaculate condition with no signs of wear or marks.

Interested? You can buy it from Vestiare Collective website here:

Alessa Handbag 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Little White Dress

{Dress - here & similar here | Bag (on sale!) - here | Shoes - Primark}

It's not often I wear white, and especially not a white dress but something about this fabric just appealed to me.  The ornate embroidered detail paired with it's empire line shape (perfect for comfort and bump skimming purposes), I knew I just had to have it.  The bag gave the outfit a western feel without making it overly themed and I can't wait to wear it with other summer outfits this season.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Coffee Talk: Pregnancy Weight Gain

Whether you like a frapp, a latte, a decaf (hello pregnant me) or any other kind of coffee - grab it now dears as I'm starting a new series on the blog today called: Coffee Talk.  The series will include things that are going on in my life, my experiences and things I think need to be talked about.  So for the first instalment I'll be focusing on something that may be just a little controversial - 'Pregnancy Weight Gain'.  

I know what you're thinking.  You're growing a LIFE. Why worry about weight gain whilst you're pregnant. It's crazy! Give yourself a break.

This is exactly how I felt when people I'd met in the past who were pregnant would complain they were 'FAT' or compare themselves to a baby elephant.  So imagine my surprise when I actually became pregnant myself and realised how hard it was to come to terms with.  I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and it's safe to say I've POPPED! 
Now, don't get me wrong.  I am so thankful that we're having a baby and I hope every day that things will progress well and I'll have a healthy pregnancy (which of course at the end of the day is literally the only thing that matters).  That said, my weight gain recently is definitely something I'm having to come to terms with and deal with.  The frustration of your clothes (and underwear - hello boobs) no longer fitting you, the way you look in pictures, the general 'ick' feeling of being larger than you're used to is hard, and it happens FAST.  

I think generally with normal (non-pregnancy) weight gain it's definitely a slower process and if you feel yourself putting on a few extra pounds, you can easily do some exercise or check your diet to keep it under control.  When it comes to pregnancy weight gain, you can do very little about it.  Of course a little exercise is deemed healthy during pregnancy however over-doing it (if it's something you're body is not used to) can be dangerous.  Same with diet, instead of restricting calories you need to be making sure you're giving your baby the nutrition it needs for the best possible start in life.

On reflection, I guess this is the first challenge/sacrifice you'll go through as a mother and although it seems completely vain and superficial, you're certainly allowed to feel some loss of control.  You're only human after all. 

For all the mums/mums to be out there: How did you feel about pregnancy weight gain?

Monday, 12 June 2017

What's inside? June Glossybox

I've always been a fan of subscription boxes.  Aside from the fact it feels like you're getting a present from the postman every month, you get to try out a plethora of products and find those you didn't even know you needed.  

My eagerness to break into this month's products means that there is one missing from the above photo, so I'll start there.

Everyone's seen those crazy videos by now of people covering their faces and bodies with Charcoal masks and seemingly unable to peel them off because they were so painful? Ok so this was not that bad however it did loosen blackheads especially around my nose which are usually the most stubborn. Well worth a try.
£4.95 for 3 applications -Buy it HERE 

Being a self confessed skincare avoider (something I'm trying to overcome), anything with the words 'reduces the appearance of under-eye circles' and 'minimising puffiness' and I'm sold.  Having tried the notoriously expensive skincare by 111SKIN before, I know I'm in for a treat with this one.  
Buy it HERE

I've talked about my love for Sleek makeup in the past.  I find the quality for the price a steal and love the shade range they produce.  On top of the great quality of Sleek products, this lip crayon contains a lip-tingling ingredient that encourages blood to the surface of the lips, therefore making them appear more plump. 
Buy it HERE

I haven't had the greatest experience with leave-in conditioners, so I'm excited to see if this works. It's ingredients contain Shea Butter & Argan Oil, which I'm sure my split ends will thank me for.
Buy it HERE

This product intrigues me.  The thought of a hair oil in a spray form, leads me to question if product distribution will be easy to control.  It claims to reduce breakage by up to 50% without leaving hair oily.  
Buy it HERE

6. Manna Kadar Cosmetics - Sheer Glo
After swatching this on my hand,  knew this would be a firm favourite.  However, I was a little disappointed to discover that this product doesn't seem to be available online currently, but here's hoping they figure that out before I run out.  This dewy glow enhancing product can be worn alone or mixed with foundation.
Buy it ?


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Baby Blogs: I'm Pregnant! 12 weeks

Welcome to the first instalment of a new series I'm calling: Baby Blogs! Expect to see lots of updates,  things I've purchased for when the baby comes and of course some maternity fashion! 

We are beyond happy to be expecting a little one and I'm looking forward to everything that's to come - including the many challenges!

I have a little update video of my experiences during the first trimester (which I can't believe is already over!) You can watch here:


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Subscriber Giveaway!

So this week marked a huge milestone in terms of my Youtube channel; Lisa Jane.  We reached 5,000 subscribers and I couldn't be happier! Youtube is something I've been doing for 2 and a half years and has been a consistent hobby from day one.  If you haven't subscribed yet I share fashion, makeup, beauty and lifestyle videos and you can be a part of it here.

To celebrate 5,000 I've decided to giveaway a Spectrum Collections brush set, the iconic Mermaid Dreams Glam Clam.  For details on how to enter, watch the video here:

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