Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Travel Diaries: Venice

{Dress (River Island): sold out | Hat (ASOS): here | Bag (River Island) : sold out}

{St Mark's Square}

Things to do

There are obviously an abundance of things to do and see in Venice however we unfortunately just had one day (or 6 hours).  We booked a catamaran crossing from Pula, Croatia and docked at St Basilio port in Venice.  We were told that we could get a water taxi to St Mark's Square, however we declined in favour of walking the streets (with the help of Google Maps) to find our way.  I recommend doing this to see the real Venice and the quaint little shops on the way selling handbags and (fake) Murano Glass items.   Part of our little walking journey also included walking along the waterways and bridges of Venice which was what I'd really been looking forward to seeing.
After taking a leisurely walk and lots of pictures we arrived at St Mark's square which is where the Basilica can be found.  The buildings around the square are opulent and impressive, however if you're looking for food or drink I would definitely head back further out - for a lovely meal at a fraction of the cost.  To give you an idea, to sit down with an ice cream sundae outside the Basilica will cost you no less than 19 Euros. No joke.

A gondola ride is a must when visiting Venice and is an amazing way to appreciate how beautiful and unique the city is.  We paid 100 Euros for a private one, however there are options to split one with other tourists.

The Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge are definitely another must see in Venice.  Hire a water taxi to view this amazing 'street' - most of it cannot be accessed by walking and is definitely easier (and better) to appreciate from a boat.

Places to eat

Being in Venice for such a short amount of time, we only had one meal during our time there.  In the narrow streets leading to St Mark's square (about a 5-10 minute stroll out) you can get a great Italian pizza, pasta or salad for around 10 Euros each.  As advised, avoid St Mark's square if you want to avoid the extortionate prices, however if you're okay with paying a little more and want some history/culture - visit the Cafe Florian.  This - the oldest cafe in Venice, was opened in 1720 under a different name and was/is a favourite haunt of many celebrities including Andy Warhol and George Clooney.

 {St Mark's Basilica}

{Taking a water taxi down the Grand Canal}

Baby Blogs : Gender Reveal!

{image source}

Today's post is very exciting because i'm doing a gender reveal! So of course I am as impatient as they come and had to find out what the baby was going to be (although it was also so I could decorate the room accordingly!)... 
we're having a girl!

I was completely convinced I was having a boy so was shocked to find out it was a girl but we're thrilled to be having a little girl join us in December!

You can watch the video below for an update on how I've been feeling at 18 weeks pregnant here:


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Buy My Wardrobe: Kate Spade Alessa Handbag

Anyone who knows me, knows about my love affair with the Kate Spade brand.  The dreamy dresses, cute handbags (I have 4 and counting..) and not to mention the stationery.  So it definitely hasn't been an easy decision to sell my beloved Kate Spade Alessa handbag, however with pregnant lady nesting mode in full effect, a clear-out has been inevitable.

Despite my love for this bag, it has literally not been used more than twice and despite the above picture making the bag look blue, it's actually a gorgeous mint green shade - a feature that literally caught my eye across the Las Vegas store 2 years ago.

So it's with a heavy heart that I look to part ways with this beauty.  Original carrier bag and Kate Spade dust bag included, it's in immaculate condition with no signs of wear or marks.

Interested? You can buy it from Vestiare Collective website here:

Alessa Handbag 

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Little White Dress

{Dress - here & similar here | Bag (on sale!) - here | Shoes - Primark}

It's not often I wear white, and especially not a white dress but something about this fabric just appealed to me.  The ornate embroidered detail paired with it's empire line shape (perfect for comfort and bump skimming purposes), I knew I just had to have it.  The bag gave the outfit a western feel without making it overly themed and I can't wait to wear it with other summer outfits this season.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Coffee Talk: Pregnancy Weight Gain

Whether you like a frapp, a latte, a decaf (hello pregnant me) or any other kind of coffee - grab it now dears as I'm starting a new series on the blog today called: Coffee Talk.  The series will include things that are going on in my life, my experiences and things I think need to be talked about.  So for the first instalment I'll be focusing on something that may be just a little controversial - 'Pregnancy Weight Gain'.  

I know what you're thinking.  You're growing a LIFE. Why worry about weight gain whilst you're pregnant. It's crazy! Give yourself a break.

This is exactly how I felt when people I'd met in the past who were pregnant would complain they were 'FAT' or compare themselves to a baby elephant.  So imagine my surprise when I actually became pregnant myself and realised how hard it was to come to terms with.  I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and it's safe to say I've POPPED! 
Now, don't get me wrong.  I am so thankful that we're having a baby and I hope every day that things will progress well and I'll have a healthy pregnancy (which of course at the end of the day is literally the only thing that matters).  That said, my weight gain recently is definitely something I'm having to come to terms with and deal with.  The frustration of your clothes (and underwear - hello boobs) no longer fitting you, the way you look in pictures, the general 'ick' feeling of being larger than you're used to is hard, and it happens FAST.  

I think generally with normal (non-pregnancy) weight gain it's definitely a slower process and if you feel yourself putting on a few extra pounds, you can easily do some exercise or check your diet to keep it under control.  When it comes to pregnancy weight gain, you can do very little about it.  Of course a little exercise is deemed healthy during pregnancy however over-doing it (if it's something you're body is not used to) can be dangerous.  Same with diet, instead of restricting calories you need to be making sure you're giving your baby the nutrition it needs for the best possible start in life.

On reflection, I guess this is the first challenge/sacrifice you'll go through as a mother and although it seems completely vain and superficial, you're certainly allowed to feel some loss of control.  You're only human after all. 

For all the mums/mums to be out there: How did you feel about pregnancy weight gain?
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