Monday, 30 January 2017

The Outnet: My Current Wishlist

After deciding to cull the majority of my wardrobe in favour of a more slim-line, thought out collection {more on that coming soon} I've been on the hunt for quality, classic pieces.  The Outnet is one of my favourite designer resources at a reasonable price. 

While considering what it is I need for my wardrobe, I thought I'd share what I currently have on my wishlist in this post. Details below:

Rebecca Minkoff Avery Shoulder Bag I've been stalking Rebecca Minkoff bags for a good few years, but I've never found one I liked enough to actually purchase.  The colour of this one is perfect and I can see it becoming a staple for spring looks.

Helmut Lang Cotton Voile Blouse I'm partial to a high neck blouse and this collarless number is literally the blouse of my dreams. I can't wait to wear this as a simple outfit with some jeans and statement heels.

Alexander Wang Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans Black jeans are something I absolutely live in and having a pair {maybe 2} in my wardrobe is a total no-brainer.  These Alexander Wang ones are definitely next on my denim purchase list.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Twill Trench Coat I feel like a trench coat is the ultimate classic piece and this neutral one is the perfect transitional item for Spring/Summer.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Building a Capsule Wardrobe -- Part 1

{image source}

Okay's time to be completely honest.  I started this blog back last August with the intention of slimming down my wardrobe and living in a more minimalistic way.  It's safe to say that thus far this definitely hasn't worked for me and I can only blame myself.  I guess there's always the fear that if you cull your clothing items to the point of no return that you'll miss the things you donated/sold/threw out.  So in the spirit of the phrase 'New Year, New Start' I've decided to really bite the bullet and make sure my closet finally lives up to the name of my blog and it's original purpose.

I'll be filming the whole process for my YouTube channel, and will also be documenting each step here on the blog. 

Step 1 of the process has been to gain inspiration.  Even though I knew what a capsule wardrobe was, I had no idea where to start on covering all my bases and all my outfit needs.  First I decided to consider all the things I regularly need to dress for:

Coffee dates with friends
Work meetings (I work for myself so can get away with a fairly casual work wardrobe)
Date nights with my husband/drinks with friends
Day-to-day casual wear

Considering the way my life has changed in recent years I'm unlikely to need clubbing outfits or very glamorous pieces as I just don't require those clothing items in my life anymore.  As life changes it is totally possible for your wardrobe to adapt.

Step 2 is to find your style.  Figure out who's style you really admire and how you'd like your overall look to be.  This could be a celebrity or anyone's style that you admire.  I decided on European style, and by that I mean continental, French, Italian and Spanish inspiration.  There's nothing cleaner and more chic than Euro style and the mainly neutral colour palette is ideal for a capsule wardrobe.

Step 3 is to break it down. After much thought and research I came up with a list of items that I would need for 2 periods of the year.  I chose to group together Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  Although we don't have much of a summer in the UK I included some flowy dresses and denim cut-offs as a requirement, for the purpose of holidays abroad.

Step 4 is to list what you need.  I decided on the following list of items for Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter based on all the points I've talked about.  The result is a 48 item year-round wardrobe (not including gym wear, bags or shoes) and I can already see how this new way of dressing will not only mean I spend less time choosing an outfit, but it will also mean I spend less money and ultimately have more space.

Here's what I plan on including:


3 Maxi/Lightweight dresses
Black denim cut-offs
5 blouses/lightweight tops
3 playsuits
2 bikinis
4 pairs of jeans
3 basic t-shirts
Black lightweight blazer
1 light cardigan
1 pair of lightweight trousers
Neutral trench coat


5 Sweaters
1 White shirt/blouse
2 Coats
4 Pairs of jeans
1 Pair of black trousers
3 Basic long sleeve tees
A black dress
2 Jackets
A denim/chambray shirt
An oversized cardigan
A black blazer
1 dressier blouse


Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Touch of Leopard Print

{Boots - Topshop, similar here | Coat - Primark | Shirt - similar here | Jeans - Primark | Bag - Michael Kors}

Wearing leopard print in the right way can be tricky.  The risk of overdoing it is high.  As a rule, I always believe that a sure-fire way to something right that you're worried about pulling off, is to do it in a minimal way. 
These boots jumped out at me (not literally) while I was browsing the rails at Selfridges in Birmingham.  They were a welcome price after browsing the designer brands that might as well have been asking for my forearm and first born child in exchange for a t-shirt.  Paired with stepped hem jeans to add some edge (DIY tutorial here), a white oversized shirt (why not steal your husband's/boyfriend's/...Dad's?) and my furry/leather (faux) Primark jacket - it turned out to be the perfect casual-yet-chic Sunday shopping attire.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Elevated Casual

 {Coat - similar here | Shirt - Forever 21 | Jeans & Sunglasses - Primark | Rose Gold Quilted Slip Ons - Steve Madden}

The older I get, the more I favour a casual look.  Despite this, I still want to elevate my look and the way I do this is've guessed it - accessories.  As soon as I saw these rose gold slip-ons at Macy's i knew they were the perfect mix of casual yet luxe (they are so reflective I couldn't even capture the true colour on camera).   Paired with some rose gold reflective sunnies, together they make an ordinary look something a bit more special.

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