How we're raising our girl

How we're raising our girl

and how retraining the way I think is a process.

So much of what's said to girls as they grow up sets them up for the way society thinks they should behave.  There's absolutely no doubt that boys have an easier ride when it comes to expectations of them.  Growing up girls are always labelled 'bossy' if they're strong minded or a 'tomboy' if their not into traditional 'girl' things.  So much of this is so outdated at this point and with so much change in the world unfortunately training your brain to think differently is a lot more difficult.

Sometimes my knee-jerk reaction is to say the things that were said to me growing up.  The limitations we put on little girls is ingrained into everything we do. I recognise every day that I need to change the way I think.  One of the ways I'm keen to show Freya she can do anything she wants to in life is to do it myself.  Actions speak louder than words and the thought of her growing up seeing her mum do the things she wants and reach the goals she sets for herself is honestly the best feeling.  

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