Why I'm no longer sorry for 'showing-off'

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All through my twenties I struggled with taking photos of myself.   I love creating content, fashion and caring about the way I look but I found it so hard to do post about it.  I know I'm not alone in this, but to this day I sometimes feel hesitant or even a sense of embarrassment at posting photos of myself for the world to see. Even if I really liked them.  We tend to hang onto the thought of those unflattering photos that are taken of us and it just feeds our irrational thoughts about the way we look to others.  

Instead of celebrating and posting the photos we really like of ourselves, it's also seen as shameful or conceited to do the opposite and celebrate how we look in those photos (at least for us Brits).  Thankfully, one of the great things about social media is that it has normalised posting photos and selfies of ourselves but there's still an unspoken feeling of narcissism attached to those people.  My question is, WHY?  Why should we feel we can't post pictures of ourselves at our best without underlying negativity from others?  For me, there was also the feeling that you can't possibly be an interesting, intelligent person who's secure with who you are and simultaneously post photos of yourself online.

I'm totally calling bullshit on that.  It comes down to how fast time goes for me.  Life is short. Embrace how you look and SHOUT ABOUT IT! I won't think twice about it from now on.  

Well, I might think twice but I'll do it anyway.

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