How to start a Podcast

How to start a Podcast

{Image by Sophie Collins Photography}

In June this year I started the Busimama Podcast with my business partner to interview inspiring mums in business and hear about their stories.  I did a lot of research before jumping in with both feet.... here are my 5 steps for starting a podcast for under £30.

STEP 1: Buying a Microphone

If you wanted to you could definitely skip this step and use your computer speakers (and start your podcast completely FREE), however as we do a lot of our interviews over zoom we wanted the sound clarity to be the best it could be.  After doing some research I saw that the Blue Yeti Microphone was popular but with mixed reviews.  Based on me not knowing how well it would go I decided to look for a less expensive version and went for the Trust Gaming USB microphone for under £30.  The microphone works really well, is small and easily transportable but also comes with it's own tripod stand and pop filter (to muffle harsh sounds when you pronounce certain words).

STEP 2: Recording

So next you'll need to record your audio.  You can record audio directly via the host website (more on that in step 3) but as I had a MacBook I used the recording programme that comes with it - Garage Band.  Doing it this way is definitely not for you if you find technical things a struggle, maybe skip this and upload directly but after an hour or two I found the app easy to navigate and it gets easier with every episode.  If you get stuck - google/youtube it!

STEP 3: Finding a Host  

Again, I did a lot of research on this and Anchor was a popular choice which was easy to use and most importantly FREE! If you're based in the US and you have a certain number of listens you can also find sponsors through Anchor, however I don't believe this is possible if you're UK based.  To upload is simple - via the Dashboard and you can write a description telling your listeners about each episode.  Anchor will then push your content out to most platforms.  For apple podcasts it's slightly different - you need to get your podcast approved, but instructions for this are easy to follow online.

STEP 4: Adding Cover Art

You can add any type of art for your podcast cover, we got a local illustrator to animate us (see above picture) but make sure your file size is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.

STEP 5: Tell Everyone!

So you've uploaded your first podcast! Make sure you tell everyone to listen & set up a social media dedicated to the podcast to feature your guests and topics.  Comment below your podcast links - I'd love to listen! 


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