Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Bedside Beauty

I've always been fairly bad at looking after my skin.  In the last few months I've been looking to rectify my bad habits by creating a 'bedside beauty' routine and I've found it to work so well.  Something about all my products being right next to my bed helps me stick to a routine without fail and follow the steps every single night. 

For removing my makeup I use whatever makeup remover wipes I have to hand (sometimes baby wipes....) which I appreciate isn't the best option for your skin but this routine is all about convenience to ensure I actually stick to it!

After I've removed my makeup I go in with a night cream.  This suits me better than moisturising during the day because I don't feel like daily moisturisers sit well on my face, especially if I'm applying makeup afterwards.  The other benefit is that night creams tend to have more of a chance to be completely absorbed into the skin while sleeping.  My favourite is this Aldi one -  Lacura Q10 night cream - SO inexpensive but so good.  If I've run out of this I'll use a natural oil like this Rosehip oil which I get from the beauty department at T K Maxx.

Next I'll use an under-eye cream.  This is now an essential for me as I feel like it brightens my eyes so much in the morning compared to if I don't use one, so I never skip this step. My favourites are here and here - I only have a sample size of this as it's super expensive!

Lip balm is also an essential especially since I've been pregnant as I've found my lips to be so dry for no real reason! I use this one during the day as well because I love the rosy tint.

My final step is using a great highly moisturising hand cream.  My hands do so much during the day that at night is the only time they get a rest! I take the opportunity to lather a generous amount onto my hands so it can soak in while I sleep.  I'm currently using this one.  My favourite is this one by Burt's Bees. It smells gorgeous!

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