Tuesday, 27 September 2016

White - Out?

{Cowl neck jumper - buy here | White jeans - buy here | Shoes - here | Military style jacket - M&S (old)}

Whilst I admit I don't have a 'capsule wardrobe' as such, I still feel it is important to buy minimally or at least highly versatile pieces.  To make sure I get the most out of my wardrobe I try to buy pieces that can be used for most seasons.  Whether that be a skirt that can be worn with tights in the winter or a dress that can be adapted to suit all weathers.  

One clothing item that springs to mind that is certainly not always regarded an Autumn/Winter piece is the classic white jean.  The versatility of them is most definitely underrated, and with a simple sweater they can be styled well into the Autumn/Winter season and beyond.


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  1. Great tip! I'm too scared to own white jeans, or white anything. I'll find a way to spill something on them. I love your look, though. You look very comfortable & stylish! :]

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